About Mission Impossible Mask Maker

Mission Impossible just keeps getting better and better. After the interactive Ghost Protocol Game with social features and missions from the Ghost Protocol movie, comes a new gadget for us to play with. Here’s an Hot To guide on the Mask Master, art of our Beginner’s guide to Mission Impossible Game

Your Face on Ghost Protocol

The Mask Master, a new application that lets you put your face on any character you’d like. You start with an enigmatic message, like usual in the Mission Impossible universe.

After accepting the Mission, we are shown the dummy head we’ll be working on.

Now we can start working, by selecting a picture and uploading it to the Mask Master. We’ve used the Ghost Protocol Tome Cruise photo for our mask.

As you can see, the dots on the picture indicate where the dummy head is, so you can work with the mask to appear as you’d like it to. Move the dots along the face so they would cover the face like this:

After completing the mask we are shown a quick video of and IMF agent (maybe even Ethan Hunt himself) meeting a contact, and wearing our mask.

Now we know how Benji Dunn feels like, after making all of these masks for Ethan Hunt.


About Mission Impossible Game Objectives

We’re back with our Beginner’s Guide to Mission Impossible Game. Now that we’ve covered the basics of playing the Ghost protocol game, we can move on to the real thing: completing missions.

Missions Accomplished

You can choose your missions on the left side of your screen.

After choosing your objective, an information window will pop up, explaining the mission and the rewards you’ll receive when completing it.

This objective, for example, is pretty easy to complete. All you have to do is to buy a Weapons Rack with the funds you’ve collected and place it in your Mission Impossible Safehouse.

See? That wasn’t that hard. Let’s move on to something trickier.

Ghost Protocol Missions and Objectives

Mission and objectives on the Ghost Protocol Game range from the easy and fun (like the one we have just completed) to the difficult and even more fun.

This is a great example of a difficult objective on the Ghost Protocol Game. It has a deadline to complete, and you have to battle a tough enemy. But look at that reward!

After clicking “OK”, we are transferred to the Military Base, where the objective is, to complete the mission. Now all we have to do is to take down that Grim Soldier. As you can see, shooting him takes 3 turns, and costs 5 energy each turn. Better return to the Safehouse to stock up on energy if you haven’t done so already.

In order to successfully shoot the Grim Soldier, you’ll have to buy the DE95 Mini Gun using Facebook Credits. If you want to complete the mission, it’s worth it!

Other missions and objectives will require you to do other things, rather than just fight an enemy. This objective, for example, puts you in the CIA room to disable cameras using various gadgets.

Completing an objective will not just get you extra funds and gadgets, but will also upgrade your player with a cool level-up that gives you more energy, skill points and will even unlock new content.

All About Mission Impossible Game Gadgets & Icons

Yet another installment in our ongoing Beginner’s Guide to Mission Impossible Game in which we guide you, the Mission Impossible game beginner, on the many features, gadgets and gameplay options of the Ghost Protocol Game.

Last time we talked about the Mission Impossible Game Safehouse, which allows you to gather funds and energy to play the Mission Impossible game.

Today we’ll learn more about the different icons and gadgets you can use while playing the Mission Impossible game.

What is The Collections Icon?

The Mission Impossible Collections icon, located in the lower left side of the screen, is a collection of all of the gadgets, weapons, devices and other items you have accumulated when you were out on the game different locations and missions, fighting the bad guys as an IMF agent.

The Collections menu  lets you see all of the different gadgets, weapons and equipment you’ve gathered during the ghost protocol missions, divided into levels and missions. Each level has its own unique items that must be collected.

Once you’ve completed collecting all of the different gadgets, weapons and items in a certain level, you’ll receive an award!

MI Game Special Items

In order to find all of the items that are hidden in a certain location, you’ll have to start searching the level and everything in it.

Once you’ve found a special item, a Collections bar will appear on the top right corner of the screen, telling you how many more items there are scattered across the level. And you can always track your collection via the collections icon.

Coming back again – Traveling through missions

What happens when you need to leave a certain location before you’ve found all of the secret special items? Well, you can always return to where you were with the Map Icon.

Located on the bottom left menu, the Map icon allows you to travel to other locations to different missions. It also lets you travel to locations after the mission has ended in order to gather intelligence.

Collecting special items, gadgets and weapons on the different locations of the Mission Impossible Game is what gives the game an added depth and value, rather than being just another shoot-them-up action game.

Mission Impossible Game Guide – The Safehouse

The SafeHouse is one of the coolest features in the Mission Impossible game. It allows you to acquire energy, funds and much needed items such as boxing dummies or coffee. In our second part of the beginner’s guide to Mission Impossible game we take a look at your Safehouse.

What is the Safehouse?

The safehouse in the Ghost Protocol game is where you go when you are low on funds and energy and you do not have the time to wait for them to replenish. That’s why a trip to the safehouse every now and then is important.

To get to the safehouse, click on the upper right icon, on the left side of your screen.

Gathering Funds and Energy at the safehouse

In order to acquire more energy and funds in the safe house, you will be asked to buy several new items.


As you can see in the Mission Impossible game screenshot, the safehouse is already equipped with various devices that gather funds (the Coffee Corner for example) and energy (the globe).

How to choose the right devices for your safehouse?

Choosing the right devices for your safeouse can be tricky, as every one of them works different, and after you have used one safehouse devices, it may take a while for it to gather more funds or energy again. Anyway, you can always use more than one device of the same type.


You can buy new devices for your safehouse through the Store button:

Here are some of the safehouse stuff you can buy:



Evey item in the store has a price and a set amount of time it takes to gather energy or funds. For example: the mission globe that gathers 20 funds in 5 minutes, and costs 175 funds, that can be purchased using Facebook Credits.

The safehouse is one of the most creative graphic components in the new Mission Impossible Facebook game, where potentially you can unlock more than 150 items. It also adds some startegy edge, forcing you to equip it efficiantly so you will be able to boost your game preformance.

Playing The Mission Impossible Game

So you’ve started playing the Mission Impossible Game? Great, but things can get a little complicated at first. Let’s see how you can start playing  the Mission Impossible Facebook Game quickly, and easily.

Game Start – Choose Your Agent

First, you’ll have to choose your sex


choosing your sex

Then, you can change your character’s appearance:


choose agent's appearance

Here you can choose your outfit, and even skin color. Once you’ve chosen your appearance, you can save, and start playing.

The Ghost Protocol Game display overview

Let’s familiarize ourselves with the mission impossible online game display before we start kicking some bad guy ass:


the game display

In the top right coroner of your screen you can find the strength and energy bars. These bars indicate how strong you hit an enemy, and your energy level. Every action on the Mission Impossible Game takes energy, so you’ll have to keep an eye on that one.

On the top left corner, you can view you funds. You’ll have to raise funds in order to fight the bad guys on the Mission Impossible game. You can do so by searching various items throughout the game (sacrificing energy), or by visiting your safehouse.

Now that we’ve got the top display figured out, let’s look and the bottom display. The long line of contacts at the bottom represent your in-game contacts. The Mission Impossible Facebook game is a social game, and you can invite your friends to play with you.

The other icons on the bottom right corner represent different aspects of the game.


The Store icon. This is where you can buy items (such as gadgets, weapons and safehouse items) with your hard earned funds.

This is the Map icon, where you can track your missions around the globe, moving from one corner of the world to another, perusing a mission, just like a real IMF agent.

 The Safehouse icon, where you can travel directly to your safehouse to acquire funds and gather intelligence for you upcoming missions.

The collections icon, where you can review the various items, gadgets and weapons you’ve gathered during you missions.

The Rogues icon, where you can tackle rouge agents to fight. Either for practice, or for your own personal vendetta.

The Profile icon. This is where you put those skill points you earn while fighting to good use, upgrading your player as you go along.

This is it for now, next up on our Mission Impossible Game posts: the Safehouse! What to do with it, and what is it good for?

Mission Impossible – The Game or The Movie?

Mission Impossible 4 movie, Ghost Protocol was released last weekend, about a month after the Mission Impossible Facebook game was launched and gathered hundreds of thousands of addicts. So which gets better reviews? Mission Impossible The Game or the newly released movie?

Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol movie trailer

After sampling both Mission Impossible Facebook game and the new M:I movie reviews, you get a little confused. Can you guess about which Mission Impossible item the following lines were written?

“Offers up a delicious blend of hilariously convenient futuristic gadgets”

Or these:

“(Its) strongest asset is its presentation. The environments are varied and the characters are attractive”


1. Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol (from eonline.com)

2. Mission Impossible The Game (bbgsite.com).

Mission Impossible The Game

From Mission Impossible - The Game Facebook

Obviously, the Mission Impossible game was often compared to the movie and not the other way around. “To the developer’s credit, the game‘s chain of missions plays out significantly like the movie” wrote Joe Osborne of blog.games.com “find out of an existential threat to society put into motion by a “rogue agent”. But while the Ghost Protocol movie (and previous Mission Impossible movies as well) was often criticized for its improbable, yet usually enjoyable plot (“Mission: Impossible franchise has always generated reliable, if largely implausible, thrills” to quote an example of exclaim.ca), Mission Impossible The Game was mostly credited for having a “very specific story line and lifestyle you’ll progress along” (bbgsite.com).

Mission Impossible Game gets into Ghost Protocol Movie Scene

Exciting news on the Mission Impossible Game front! New features, based on the new Mission Impossible movie are now available.

Mission Impossible Game – the Social Game with a Twist

As you may recall, the new Mission Impossible Facebook game, released only a few short weeks ago, hit Facebook hard, and became an overnight success with over 200 users playing it only a few hours from the initial release.

The Mission Impossible game is a social game, where you can invite your friends to play with you online as a team of IMF agents bent on stopping the bad guys. With 8 different scenarios, 200 different and challenging missions and loads of cool gadgets and weapons it’s not hard to understand why the Mission Impossible Facebook game had been so successful.

Mission Impossible Facebook game

Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol game

The New Game – Based on Ghost Protocol Movie

The new Mission Impossible game that is now available is based on the new Mission Impossible Movie – Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol and was developed by Funtactix in collaboration with Paramount Pictures.

The new Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol expansion will feature 40 new dangerous missions on 8 new locations, all based on the Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol Movie. The new gameplay will also feature 20 new weapons and gadgets that you and your friends will have to unlock throughout the new missions to help you fight the new boss level. You’ll need your entire new gadget arsenal to defeat this one.

20 New characters from the Ghost Protocol movie will also be featured in the new Mission Impossible game. Looks like this is the closest will get to the new Mission Impossible movie until the actual release. Doesn’t matter, because this looks like the best Mission Impossible game yet .

Play Mission Impossible Game and Win a Trip to NYC

Today is apparently the last day of the Mission Impossible Facebook game promotion, which gives you an opportunity to win a trip to NYC and visit the premiere of the new Mission Impossible movie – Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol.


To win this fantastic prize, all you have to do is play Mission Impossible game on Facebook, allow the application to access your Facebook profile, and accomplish the missions and challenges for the relevant Promotion Period.

Mission Impossible game video

The Mission Impossible game sweepstake as it is officially named has total five promotion periods until the end of the year and many more gifts: home screening of the Ghost Protocol film, Blu-ray Mission Impossible trilogy, movie tickets and promo goods. The first promotion period had ended yesterday, and offered free access to the previously released Mission Impossible movies from Facebook, for the Mission Impossible game players who will discover the hidden artificial eye in the game.

Mission Impossible Gears of War Game Promotion

Mission: Impossible – The Game was launched less than a week ago and already jumped to 20,000 users; the new Mission Impossible game on Faecbook was created by Paramount Pictures and Funtactix as part of the Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol promotion.

Mission Impossible – The Game on Facebook

Mission Impossible franchise distributors, Paramount Pictures, has also collaborated with Epic Games, the creators of Gears of War 3 for a special holidays promotion. The Mission Impossible and apocalyptic Xbox video game promotion is currently open only to US residents, but rumors say it will be opened worldwide soon.

Gears of War 3

Mission Impossible Gears of War Game Promotion Details

To unlock an exclusive Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol Weapon Skin Pack for Gears of War 3, all you have to do is watch the new Mission: Impossible 4 trailer, to complete the “Gears of War 3” campaign on Insane Difficulty and to accomplish these two tasks by Christmas day 2011.

The “Impossible Mission” 5-weapons-pack, which includes a “Ghost Protocol” Lancer, Hammerburst, Retro Lancer, Gnasher Shotgun and Sawed-off Shotgun, will be given on December 31 to all US players who will complete the missions in time. The gamers will also be able to win the grand prize of a theater package including a Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol custom Xbox 360 slim, digital HD home theater system, and of course a package of Mission: Impossible movies on DVD.

Mission Impossible Game – The New Facebook Hit

A new Mission Impossible game for Facebook was launched yesterday. Mission: Impossible The Game was created by the official distributor of Mission Impossible movies, Paramount Pictures, less than a month before the release of the fourth movie of the franchise, Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol, and Funtactix, the creators of another movie inspired social game, Rango.

Mission Impossible Social Game on Facebook

Mission Impossible The Game is a free social game that lets you group your Facebook friends into a secret agency and to conspire against dangerous evildoers using original kinds of weapons while wearing fake moustaches and identities. The new online Mission Impossible game offers eight different espionage scenarios and more than 200 missions which, if one chooses to accept them, will take place in 50 locations worldwide.

Mission Impossible social game

Mission Impossible game on Facebook

Hours from its release Mission Impossible The Game already had 200 users, according to Facebook data. Not surprising considering the growing popularity of social games (i.e. games that are played on social networks) and the tremendous success of social networks like Facebook. According to recent statistics, 53% of the Facebook users play games (up 265 million Facebook gamers as of January 2011); 50% of all Facebook logins are made solely or the purpose of playing games.

Social Games Based on Movies & TV

Mission Impossible The Game follows precedents such as Dexter Slice of Life, a social game that was launched on Facebook about the same time as the sixths season of the popular Showtime series. But while Dexter, the game and the series, is a one-man show of a serial killer, Mission Impossible The Game focuses on the social options available on the biggest social network online. The game players can brag about their accomplishment on the game’s missions on their friend’s Walls, send gifts to friends, and also see friends who are playing the game at the bottom of the screen. Some of the game levels are even conditioned with the recruit of new friends to the Impossible Mission Force.

Mission Impossible The Game on Facebook

New online Mission Impossible game


Mission Impossible Facebook Players’ Benefits

Additionally, as the Mission Impossible 4 movie release approaches, players of the Mission Impossible game will be favored to win special gifts including private home screenings of the new movie, limited for a group of 30, premiere tickets, movie passes and other merchandise. Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol is set to release on December 16 on IMAX theatres and on December 21 on the rest of the US theatres. Mission Impossible The Game is already available online: http://apps.facebook.com/mission-impossible/

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